Pharmaceuticals companies and global market

Few points to be able and look back at in few months\years:

  1. In the short term – 3 years or so – would biological medicine replace the chemical medicines?
  2. Looking further into the future – 10 years – did CRISPER changed the world? Is there a need for companies like Teva Pharmaceutical Industries LTD?
  3. Is there FDA? If so – What’s its role?

These are just some of the new technologies in the area which would have a profound impact on the pharmaceutical industry.

The 3rd point is also very interesting for several reasons: How can you regulate a medicine suited to an individual?; Since the FDA serves mainly the large corporate (no other small company can go through the costs and time it takes for a medicine to get an FDA approval)  who takes care of the consumer?; Patents – what’s the idea behind paying millions of dollars for a patent which technology replaces every few years.

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