Future Human Resources

I was recently requested to write a short paper on ‘What will be the required jobs in the future’.

First thing which popped into mind was Ken Robinson in his TED talk ‘How schools kill creativity‘. He starts with the note that there’s no way we can guess what will be the required skills in the future.

Well, if Ken Robinson can’t do it, who am I to even try? But I’ve decided to give it a go.

I assume that the reasons for not being able to predict the future work skills requirements are mainly due to the following two:

  1. Disruptive innovation. A disruptive innovation is an innovation which helps to create a new market and in the process significantly change or even eliminate existing markets.
  2. The ‘human’ part of the ‘Human Resources’. I’ve read about Thad Starner a bit. Thud was one of the first persons who started to wear computer (1991).

By nature, the first bullet, the disruptive innovation, cannot be predicted and therefore it will be impossible to know what will change and what the required skill sets of the future are. The only assumption one can make is that it will likely not include any routine work starting from driving (1.5% of the workforce in US) all the way to healthcare (assuming nanotechnology will replace the majority of the MDs skills).
That basically leaves us with occupations which require inventions, philosophy, art, communication and such.

Adding the second bullet will reduce the skills, or at least alter them in such a way which makes the work even harder.

It will be interesting paper, whatever the result will be.






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