Decision making philisophy

During a work i’m doing, i encountered some very interesting studies about decision making.

The articles and studies were about the individual decision making, a group decision making and some organisational decision making.

Two very interesting insights

The two sections are:

1. Almost everything is decision making – what we do, what we choose not to do, when we do it, for how long and so on. understanding our internal process and biases can assist us in making better as human being by selecting the right option or alternative. there’s no perfect single answer, but as long as we better understand the difference between the options, what drives us, what we want and the implications on ourselves, the nuclear family, extended family, friends, work, society, human race and the planet – we will probably choose a better choice.


2. If at least part of our decision making is based on information we gather – how is our decision making is influenced by Google, Facebook and such?


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