Cyber DNA

I’ve heard a podcast few month ago that made me think. A lot.

The theme was about an Israeli company that, to make a long story short, created an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for genes. In other words, you can drag-and-drop genes to the DNA thus replacing genes, adding some more and so forth. At the end of the process, you press a kind of ‘Submit’ button and within few weeks you’ll get the newly designed DNA in a tube.

During that podcast, the hosts made a seemingly casual remark as ‘the DNA is a code. That’s it. A-T-C and G.’

If that’s the case, why not set the entire paradigm, methodologies, best-practice and experience of the development world onto the DNA code.

We can have a backup-restore procedure, versions and eventually, different products relating in non-homo-sapience creatures.

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