3 key elements in IT

A while ago I was requested to name the three key elements the CIO, or CIO Office should focus on.
After some thoughts, i answered that, to my humble opinion, the key elements are (sorted by priority):
1. GRC – without Governance the rest becomes not relevant.
2. Agile – I have little belief and faith in projects which takes more than few month end to end.
3. Gamification. You can call it UX, but the ability to make people want to use and enter data is of the highest importance.


GRC stands for Governance, Risk and Compliance. There are some frameworks for that like COBIT  (and thanks to Oren Hadar from Know-IT who made the acquaintance to the GRC world) . Basically, Governance will verify that your IT is aligned with the business. Risk will not only verify that you identify the risks, be a part of the risk universe of the company but most importantly, it will enable to tern risk into opportunity. A great blog by Norman Marks is definitely worth subscribing to.

Since so much was written on Agile, i’ve got little to add and as for Gamification, i was introduced to the concept by Dudi Peles, but there are many movies at YouTube on the subject.

I assume that all the topics GRC, Agile and Gamification will each have a separate post sometime in the near future.

That’s all for now.

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